Here are the 10 Roger Federer records you are less familiar with.

1. He has won titles in 19 different countries.

2. He won 105 points straight without an unforced error versus John Isner at the US open 2007.

3. He holds the record for firing 50 aces in a final at Wimbledon in 2009.

4.He has a total of 663 match wins in hard court overall with 56 wins in 2005-2006.

5. Nobody in the world has won the "Laures World Sportsman of the year" award a record 4 times (consecutive), other than the maestro himself.

6. 386 tie-breaker wins :0 Woaaahhh! That's a lot.

7. He has never retired hurt/injured during a match which makes him the only player to hold the record.

8. He holds the record for most consecutive Grand Slam appearances.

9. He has won 5 or more than 5 titles in 7 different tournaments.

10. He is the only player unbeaten on blue clay.